About me

Nice to meet you! My name is Bibiana. I was born in 1970 in Graz, a city in the south of austria. I get there to school studied and worked till I was 33 as a project manager in austria and polend. In 2003 I started to change my life and to move in a completly diffrent direction.

I felt that I had to change in a new world, that my passion is to work with poepel, to get into a better life and to change their circumstances.

Also I recognized, that my intuition wants to work, that this is the zenter of my work, to feel, to see, to work as a channel for other people.

I made diffrent workshops and instructions in mediation, reading, energetical reharmonisierung, to get a trainee and the instruction about systemical familiyarrangment and how to solve it. I learned a lot about karma and to get free of it.

I went and I still move trough  alot of prozessess, to clean my chanel to, clean myself from foreign energy, thinkings and feeling. I liberated mayself from familiy and past lifes conditions.

I work with the inner child, the inner woman, the inner man. Its important to recognize wich part wants into the light, into your awareness. Also selflove, courage, selesteem, carefullness are the focus in my work. People come to me with themes abut their partnerships, blockages in the vocation, to get connected with their selves and to work with their intuition.

Since 2011 I work with peopel to recognize what they can change and how to do this. I work face to face and also online, independend from the distance. I can see and feel what there happens and what is to do.


Iam a mother of a vourteen year old doughter. We have a cat named armor, who accompanied me since 2015.


"by changing nothing, nothing changes"

sincerly your



My Mission

I love, what I do - I do what I love. My mission is to support you to get connect with your authentical power, with your soul, your spirit and your body. To free yourself from circumstances, that handicaps you to live what you want to, to follow your soulway. To feel the light and the love in yourselve, to get the best in your live, that you wish to.

sincerely your