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spirituell videos

If you need some details about a theme, what you can do, what is necassary to focus I can make a video for you. I work with my intuition and my cards. It can use 30 min, 45 . The cost are between 45 and 60€. It depence on the lengh.

spirituell pictures

Since 2014 I am drawing spirituell pictures in many diffrents sizes from30 /30, 50/50, 60/60 til 1,50/100 and diffrent prices (starts bei 30€). They are to energize your space to support you. Behind you can find some exempales. For further information, please contact me.

impuls from your soul

These are pictures about 20/20 - that inspires and support you. They cost 25€. If you want to get an spirituell analysis you can order it too. The cost for tis are about 15€. For further informations please contact me.


Each room has its one energy. But often it is not clean and powerfull. Often there are foreign energies, that makes you tired, feared or somthing else. Sometimes there are very old energies from yourselfe or from other people. So it is necessary to the clean the energy.

To get realized, what there is inside to change and to get known what you can do by yourself. For further informations please contact me.

spirituell lessons

I work as an spirituell teacher as well. You can get informations you need to get connected, to clean yourself, the room, about spirituell partnership, and many other themes. For further informations please contact me.

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