soulshift - your way in your authentical, powerfull beeing - by telefon or skype, international.

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My name is Bibiana. I work as a neutral channel, for the unconditional love, for everybody who wants to get informations and support to change his life, his action and reaction, his energy or the circumstances in his life.

I can see what happend in the past lifes, or in this life. I can feel what do you need to change. How you can transform it. Even if its a mental blockade or an energetical blockade. It is important too if this is a familytheme or a theme of an other life. You understand what you have to learn to. Your energy get changed. I can see your inner lights and the shadows wich dimmer your light. We transform it, so you get your personal power back.

We work by telefon, whats app or by skype.


There are 2 ways to work:

ad first - a short spiritual advice to become clarity:

What is the situation about?

What can you do - the next steps and what do you need.

this last for an hour - costs 80€/hour


ad second: a READING - an energetical work, to understand and to remove the blockades. To transform and to fokus, where you want to go to in the future as well. Because this are very deep prozess it could last more than one hour. 80€/hour. Please read the information about my general standard terms and conditions.


If you have some further questions, you want to make an appointment please contact me

with kind regards



what you can get else


spirituell videos

spirituell pictures

reading basics, Reading 1 and reading 2

spirituell lessons online

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